This Laboratory has latest equipments and software with Battery Backup. The main job functions in this Laboratory are design, product, test, applications and process engineering. The purpose of this laboratory is to give the knowledge in the field of VLSI & DSP. We have 36 Computers of Latest Configuration.  This lab has all the Equipments and major software's like Xilinx, Modelsim, Mentor Graphics, Microwind, Matlab (various tool boxes), DSP code composer studio and the hardware’s such as DSP Trainer Kits.


This lab has a number of Microprocessor and Microcontroller kits to perform various experiments on applications of Timer, Traffic light system, serial and parallel communication system, Printer interface, Keyboard and display interface, ADC and DAC interface and stepper & DC motor interface. It contains all necessary components to complete construction of the kit, including LED display, keyboard, resistors, capacitors, crystal, and miscellaneous hardware. Included are preprogrammed ROMs containing a system monitor for general software utilities and system diagnostics.


The heart of Embedded Systems is Microcontroller, RTOS and FPGA boards. The advanced Lab of the Institute has necessary platforms to build an embedded system. The Students can build and play with Advanced Microcontrollers, Real Time Embedded Systems, Advanced Embedded System Design and System on a Chip. The students should able to write programs in ARM for specific applications & write the program to interface keyboard.


This lab has a number of Digital Linear trainer kits to perform various experiments on applications of Op-amp which covers as per Anna University syllabus. This lab has various integrated circuits(IC) to do the following experiments like Inverting, Non – inverting, Differential amplifiers, Integrator, Differentiator, Instrumentation amplifier and Schmitt trigger using Op-amp, Wein bridge and RC Phase shift oscillator using Op-amp, Astable and Monostable , Multivibrator using NE 555 timer &Frequency multiplier using PLL


The Electronics lab is equipped with the best professional electronic test & Measurement instruments, such as signal generators & analog oscilloscopes. The Laboratory inculcates the students with the basic idea of circuit designing and debugging. The students utilize the lab for exhibiting & demonstrating their electronics related experiments & projects. The lab also provides the students with the knowledge of the software PSPICE. This lab has Single and dual Power supply, DC Ammeter, DC Voltmeter,  CROs, Digital Multimeters, AFO's etc.


The NPR-Cisco Training Networking Lab are well furnished with all the latest electronics equipment’s like Router and Switch kits, Systems and Software’s, which help the students, get trained and in turn imbibe the much-needed data. The 100mbps Internet facility is also available for the students to make online test and online assessment.

The Students will be prepared to take the Cisco CCENT® certification exam after completing a set of two courses like CCENT, and CCNA.


In Department Library, meets the need of students, academics and research activities with a wide range of collection of materials. It is conceivably the most important facility provided by the Institute.  The Library maintains an admirable collection of books and other documents/materials.

Total No of Books Available =   359 


A class room is dedicated primarily to teaching or learning activities. The classroom attempts to provide a safe space where learning can take place uninterrupted by other distractions. Traditionally, this was in the form of a blackboard but our modern class rooms are well equipped with LCD projecter.






The purpose of the communication laboratory is to provide efficient training in understanding the basic concepts of communication practically. The laboratory is well equipped with the best analog and digital communication trainer kits. The students can have hands on experience with the test and measurement instruments such as signal generators and analog oscilloscopes. Also the students are well exposed to use the analyzing devices like spectrum analyzer and antenna systems. This lab has RF Trainer Kits, Analog Communication Trainer Kits, and Digital Communication Trainer Kits.