Engineering and Technology

NPR's engineering courses are marked by the importance placed on emerging technologies as well as existing and evolving technologies. In the vast and diverse..

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Arts and Science College

Heating and air-conditioning systems in termite mounds are superior it terms of equipment and energy consumption to those made by human beings...

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Polytechnic College

In a country that prides itself on the quality of its manpower; Polytechnic students find ready takers in every walk of life. Today's industrial scenario in india...

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College of Education

Teaching is a highly noble profession, most suited for those with an aptitude towards bettering other's lives. Teachers are always a boon to society...

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At NPR,we believe that given the right push,guidance and infrastructure, every student can reach beyond himself to become a super achiever ! That is why, right from reception, this group of institutions has added more and more facilities for excellence to flower not just in education but in all walks of life.

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The NPR campus is a green wonder by itself. The crisp clean air washes all negative thoughts and helps students study in peace. Wide, open rooms help students and professors to take their discovery of subjects to all levels!.Every college inside the group is equipped with fine libraries filled with not just books but audio-visual aids and research papers.

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